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What is bespoke or custom made perfume?

It's the ultimate expression of your individuality and identity. No longer concerned with following trends or seeking the opinions of others, you're now in charge and making your own decisions.

Creating your personal fragrance

A personal fragrance, formulated especially for you, can confirm this new identity and work with your body chemistry to make you feel wonderful all day long. It's a one-of-a-kind scent that tells others you're confident and in control.

Custom-made fragrances are also perfect for those special moments in life that you want to remember forever. Imagine having a fragrance that takes you back to your wedding day or your child's confirmation every time you smell it.

When you order a bespoke scent, the formula is designed specifically for you and can not be sold to anyone else. That means, no one else will smell quite like you.

So, how is a custom-made fragrance created? It all starts with a personal consultation, during which I'll create a tailor-made fragrance that fits your natural odor. As part of this process, I'll need to sniff you to get a sense of your unique body chemistry.

Creating Your Bespoke Perfume

To prepare for our meeting, please don't wear any perfume or body spray, and use unscented shampoo and clothes. If you're following a vegan diet, eat more legumes and nuts for two days before the consultation. If you're on temporary medication, we'll need to wait a week after you finish before starting.

During the consultation, I'll ask you some questions and have you test some raw materials, some of which you'll keep for further testing. After a few days, I'll follow up with you to get your feedback on the materials and start making some basic accords. I'll then send you samples to review, and we'll continue working on your formula based on your feedback. It's a time-consuming process, but we'll work together until we achieve the desired scent.

Please note that developing a fragrance formula is a complex, and not only artistic process. Chemistry is also involved, so it can take between three and nine months, or even longer, depending on the complexity and the raw materials used.

Price of a bespoke perfume formula

The price of a custom-made fragrance formula starts at 8000-11000 USD, depending on the complexity and raw materials used, plus travel expenses. I accept tourist class flights but prefer direct flights or with maximum one transit in case of long haul. 

From the airport to you, I'm willing to travel a maximum of 1.5 hours by car in the desert or 30 minutes in a tuk-tuk (anywhere ). Please note that I do not ride camels.

If I need to stay overnight, I prefer 3+ star accommodations and will say no to private guest room. 

Contact Us for Your Bespoke Perfume

Please note that since bespoke perfume is based on your unique body chemistry, we can not meet online for the first time, but you're welcome to visit me in Denmark.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at

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