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How to choose the right perfume, as a gift for someone else?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Picking a scent, for ourselves, what we like, is an easy task.

But choosing a fragrance for our partner, sister, mother or friend - that can be an interesting challenge.

Even if we are sure, that the perfume we are smelling right now, is the most wonderful scent on earth - ther is no guarantee, that an other person, who is supposed to be amazed by our brilliant sense of taste, will really be amazed.

We humans are not the same. We eat, drink, think, feel different. One can prefer things, what others do not notice at all, and vice versa.

Try to observe the persons natural scent - is it sweet, musky or spicy?

What kind of food and drinks she/he prefers?

Is she/he a tea or coffee person?

Fruity, citrussy fragrances suit better for vibrant, energetic persons, while powdery fragrances fits to sporty people.

Those, who have classic and elegant style, usually prefer woody, flowery notes.

The person`s daily habit must be also taken into consideration. Eau de toilette can be the right choice to one, who is changing clothes and showers more times during a day, while those, who wear the same outfit from morning to evening, will be happy wearing an all day lasting extrait de parfum.

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